The key to success in any trade is the never-ending pursuit of learning.

Higher Hammer Rating = Higher Pay

Increasing your Hammer Rating is the easiest way to qualify for more (and better!) work. Take advantage of the training courses listed below to increase your Hammer Rating and [im]prove your installation ability.

Learn more about the training opportunities below and then follow the link to register for a date that works for you.

We are here to help you reach your goals; whether it is to achieve a Two (2) Hammer Rating or to max your profile. Let us know how we can help!

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Announcing the Go Carrera NTCA Education Package

The first-of-its-kind installer education package that gives you access to those who quite literally wrote the book on tile and stone installation.


Take a look at upcoming training and testing opportunities available from our training partners.

$$649 (NWFA members) $749 (non-members)

$$649 (NWFA members) $749 (non-members)

$$799 (NWFA members) $899 (Non-member)

$$1649 (NWFA members) $350 (inspector test)

$$249 (NWFA members) $349 (non-members)

$$899 (NWFA members) $999 (non-members)