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Flooring Installers

Your Hammer Rating is a product of our proprietary algorithm that takes a look at your skills, certifications, and experience and provides one, easy-to-understand rating by flooring product discipline: ceramic tile, carpet, resilient, and wood.

We’ve found that installers who are trained are better than those who are not. It’s as simple as that. Essentially, getting trained (in any form—product, technique, etc) is a way of honing your skillset that you can apply to your work. 

In our Hammer Rating System, trainings and certifications carry weight (along with a host of other factors). When verified, they boost your rating and create more opportunity for you to get higher-paying work and more enjoyable work long term.

Flooring Contractors license the software from us in the form of a monthly subscription. 

For Installers, there is no cost to download the app, create a profile, or even qualify and accept work orders. This is in stark contrast to some platforms that charge by the lead. We make money when you make money, period.

Get trained! If you have many years of experience and no trainings to show, get started now. It’s never too late to learn something new. In fact, you may find an even better way to do something you’ve “always done this way.” 

In construction, the floor covering business is the most dynamic and requires guys and gals to bring their “A” game. Keeping your training up-to-date ensures your relevance for years to come.

Think of us like your marketing partner. We help get you in front of Flooring Contractors that want to know about you. We’ll help you curate a profile that’s attractive and offer ways to keep improving it over time. Investing in you through additional training opportunities and building your profile over time is guaranteed to make you a happier, healthier, and more productive Installer. You’ll probably make more cash along the way as well. 🙂

Flooring Dealers

A Work Order is the single source of truth for your project. It forms the basis of an agreement with you and your Flooring Installer. Every Installer has lost paperwork a time or two but almost never lose their phone. With that idea, we help Installers keep track of all the details, right in their pocket.

At a high level, you create a Work Order with all the detailed specifications—to whatever degree you prefer, send it out, then award the work to a Flooring Installer. After the job is done, the Installer will invoice you through the platform, you’ll pay and that is that.

If you want more details on how this process works, we encourage you to book a live demo to see it for yourself.

For our Go Carrera Complete package, you have unlimited Project Managers. For some of our plans (designed for smaller shops), Project Managers may be limited. Definitely reach out with any questions, we’d love to tailor a package that’s right for you.

Yes, for sure. In fact, that’s the way you want it. Look, “your guys” are Independent Contractors and need to be truly independent in order to not be considered an employee of your firm. There are many regulations coming down the pike concerning this Employee versus Independent Contractor issue. We are not attorneys and this isn’t legal advice but, the fact is, Go Carrera,—by its nature—can help provide a higher level of distinction in this area and support other compliance-related initiatives in your company.

Absolutely! We provide a module for managing what we call “In-House Installers”. This type of installer has a limited profile and would not be on the Entire Network for other Flooring Contractors to use. These are your guys, right? We get it.

That said, the process is the same. Create a Work Order and, instead of firing it off to our Entire Network, simply choose from one or more of your In-House team and voila!

Great question! ACH from your business checking account is available out of the box via our Work Order system. That said, if your Installer agrees, they can send you an Ad Hoc Invoice from Go Carrera (new feature, releasing November 2021) to pay by card. Ad Hoc Invoices are not tied to Work Orders and, due to card payment transactions costing more, do involve a bit higher cost per transaction to the Installer. 

Certifiers, Trainers, and Trade Organizations

Go Carrera provides a platform to help promote and incentivize training and education. We help market upcoming local and regional trainings directly to the independent installers in our network, giving them an easy way to become aware of training and certifications they may not have heard of before. 

Everything we’re doing is to build value in the Installer. What’s good for the Installer is good for our industry—and we really believe it.

We’ve talked to many of you already. However, we know there are some organizations we haven’t been able to connect with yet. If that’s you, we certainly want to chat.

If you haven’t already, the first step is to fill out our Certification Evaluation form. From there, we’ll review the training, give it a weight in our system, and make it available for Installers to select in their profile.

We’d love to partner with you to increase the level of training in our industry. Send us a note and we can connect over Zoom, at the next conference, or if we’re in your area, we might just drop by. Coffee anyone? ☕