Uniting flooring dealers and installers for a better industry.

Founded by a flooring installer who turned his craft into the largest commercial flooring contractor in the state of Kansas.

After many years on his knees laying carpet and resilient flooring (and becoming a Nora Master installer, as well as holding other certifications and affiliations) Paul Stuart started Stuart & Associates Commercial Flooring in 1999. It has since become the largest commercial flooring contractor in the state of Kansas. This experience gave Paul a unique understanding and respect for both sides of the flooring business, providing valuable insights—guiding and informing the decisions we make as we continue to craft Go Carrera.

After starting Go Carrera out of the needs his own company was facing when taking on national accounts, Paul quickly tapped long-time vendor and friend, marketing/design/product studio owner, Daniel Drouhard, to help guide his new product. Daniel has since gotten knee-deep in the flooring business and, as always, is a quick study—evaluating use cases up and down the product journeys for both the Flooring Contractor and Independent Installer.

Purpose and Beliefs

Our purpose and mission is to improve the life of the individual flooring installer by creating positive change in the flooring industry through cutting-edge technology that’s as easy to use as it is powerful in creating equity between installation labor and the contracting companies at the source of the work.

  • We believe that what’s great for the installer is great for our industry
  • We believe in moving training to local markets
  • We believe in hard work 
  • We believe that a product is only as good as the individual who installed it
  • We believe that craftsmanship is still alive and more important than ever
  • We believe that a hard day’s work deserves commensurate pay
  • We believe that we can each be better tomorrow than we are today
  • We believe that calluses tell as much of a story as any picture