CFI Commercial Carpet Installation (5-week)



In this 5-week installation course, you will learn everything about starting, executing, and completing a commercial installation. Students will leave with the information and tools needed to confidently install a commercial project and will receive CFI Commercial-1 Certification upon successful completion.



WEEK 1 Instruction: The Basics

  • Introduction and proper use of tools
  • Installation of tack strip
  • Identification of cushion types and usage
  • Carpet construction
  • How to handle, transport and cut rolls of carpet
  • Measuring and estimating
  • EPA and OSHA regulations

WEEK 2 Instruction: Basics +

  • Proper seam construction
  • Length grain seams and placement
  • Cross grain seams and placement
  • Transition installation and placement
  • Floor preparation
  • Power stretching procedures
  • Trimming and tucking

WEEK 3 Instruction: Specialized Skills

  • Installation of patterned goods
  • Measuring pattern repeats
  • Identifying pattern matches
  • Cutting and seaming patterned goods
  • Identifying and measuring deviations
  • Power stretching patterned goods
  • Advanced power stretching techniques

WEEKS 4 & 5: Job-Site Training

  • Stair installation – types of stairs and respective installation methods
  • Customer service best practices
  • Overview and repetitive hand-skills practice
  • Professionalism and CFI PRIDE
  • Installing individually and in teams on job sites