Why am I not a match for a Work Order?

  • Your Hammer Rating doesn’t meet the threshold set by the company.
  • You do not have any Team Members whose Hammer Rating meets the threshold set by the company.


Can I still bid on the work even though I'm not a match?

Certainly! You are still free to bid on the work. We show the company your bid and indicate to them that your Hammer Rating (or the Hammer Rating of your Team Members) did not meet the minimum threshold they set. It’s still up to them to make the final decision about the best fit for their project.

So, what can I do to be a better match in the future?

  • Attend high-quality industry trainings and claim them in the Go Carrera app.
  • Recruit and add Team Members who are better than you and add them to your Team in Go Carrera. We allow the Hammer Rating(s) of your Team Members to qualify for work you may not qualify for personally.