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With the Stackup Challenge, see how you measure up with other installers in the industry. Tout the skills you have and identify areas for improvement. You’ve spent years attending trainings, earning certifications, and doing great work. Discover your Hammer Rating and set yourself apart—isn’t it about time that your pay gets in line with your skills?

Only compete with installers of similar skills and abilities with our Hammer Rating System.

How does it work?

Our patent-pending skill score calculation considers all aspects of your profile and trainings and awards your Hammer Rating on a sliding scale between 0 to 5 for each discipline; carpet, tile, wood, and resilient.

Hammer Rating Example

Ceramic Tile: 3.4

Why do I need a Hammer Rating?

Have you experienced this; losing a great project to someone with less experience and skill just because their price was lower? 

You’ve interviewed with a dealer for a new contract. You’re definitely the right person for the job; possibly even specifically trained on the product going down. You developed great rapport with the project manager…this was a done deal. However, you don’t hear anything back and the anticipated start date is creeping closer. What’s the deal? 

Then, you find out what happened. One of the project manager’s cousin’s uncle got the job for half of market rate. How can this happen?

Without a way to fully quantify your trainings and  the certifications you’ve earned, there is only one thing that prices will hit and that’s the floor. We’re here to change that.

How can the Hammer Rating raise PRICES?

Our founder, Paul Stuart, installed for many years before starting his commercial flooring dealership. He was paid $2.75 a yard to install commercial broadloom carpet back in ’95. Today, installers aren’t paid much more and prices have not kept up with inflation. It’s time to do something about it.

The Hammer Rating is designed to provide true credentialing for the flooring installer to clearly separate the various skill levels. The question is: where do you #stackup?

We’ve partnered with the industry’s best trainers to provide a path to improve those installers who desire to be truly great. 

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"Before I started using [Go Carrera], I had a small crew and it was hard to keep track of everything. This year, I've done over $600,000 in installation and with a bigger crew; the app is easy. I did it all with less headache."
Humberto Loza
PPG, RockTread, Sherwin Williams Epoxies
CTI-certified crew
"Go Carrera has made it easier to keep track of everything I have going on. I'm able to accept work, get the rundown on jobs faster, check in on work from anywhere...very convenient!"
Derk McDaniel

Experience the benefits of being in the Go Carrera network.

But, wait. I'm already a good installer!

So…you’re a good installer. Maybe you picked up the trade from your dad or your uncle but never had any formal training. Maybe you don’t see the value in getting trained. The challenge is: no one else knows how good you really are.

Without a rating based on skill, there is no way to verify your quality against any “other guy” that says they are good. In fact, just by joining the Go Carrera network, you’ve already taken bold steps toward setting yourself apart from the “hacks” out there that haven’t even read the ad that got you to this page.

Let’s hammer this home. We make it simple to represent yourself digitally to dealers looking for the right skilled labor for their projects. Everyone is buying everything digitally these days. We buy cars online, food online, book hotels online, hitching rides online. Heck, some of us are even meeting our spouses online. The key to the success of all these services is positioning.

Position yourself with a Hammer Rating from Go Carrera.