Preferred Settlement Timing

A Powerful Payment Feature, Now Available.

We are excited to announce a new, powerful payment feature that puts you in control of your payments. With Preferred Settlement Timing, choose a settlement timing based your real-time business needs. With three payment options available, the power is in your hands. Run your business and manage your money on your terms.

Preferred Settlement Timing has three (3) options:

Economy: A great option if you are not in a hurry. Funds settle in 5-6 business days. Just 2.5%. Saves 0.5% compared to our Standard option.

Standard: Our most common settlement timing. Funds settle in roughly 2 days. Get funds quickly for just 3% per invoice.

Same-Day: Our quickest payout option. Funds settle the day that you sign*. If you need your funds quick, this option gets you paid intraday. Get some financial wiggle room when you need it for just 5% per settled invoice. *Lien Releases must be signed before 9:00 a.m. Central to get funds in the same day.

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