Change Orders

Change made simple.

Whether it’s a change order deduction, a new change order item, or an additional change order item, all is made easy with one click. Once you’ve been awarded work you can deduct/add to an original change order item, or add a new line item.

How does it work?

Get work. Initiate a Change Order. Invoice.

With Go Carrera Change Orders, all types of change orders can be initiated and accepted quickly and easily. A change order deduction is a deduct from an original Work Order item, an additional change order is an added cost to an original Work Order item, and a change order item is a new line item added to the Work Order. A change order can be initiated from a company or installer, and once the other party accepts the change order, the items can then be removed or added to the invoice. If a mistake was made on a change order, the party that initiated the change order may void it as needed. Once a change order is initiated, there is a 72-hour response period before it gets auto approved.

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