Modern, cloud-based platform designed to maximize productivity for both subcontractor and the skilled tradesman.

We believe that what’s good for the installer is good for our industry. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Based on this principle, Go Carrera was created to be a win-win for the flooring industry. From a proprietary algorithm that analyzes an installer’s skills and abilities—giving the Flooring Contractor instant understanding of capabilities—to state-of-the-art Work Order Management Tools, Go Carrera was designed from the ground up for the flooring industry. 

Check out a few of our features below. Plus, be sure to book a demo to experience first-hand how Go Carrera can benefit you as a Flooring Installer or a Flooring Contractor.

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Major Features

Hammer Rating SystemSM

The heart of our mission at Go Carrera is empowering the installer to do great work. Let’s face it, given the chance, most guys and gals WANT to do great work. But, with the sea of trainings, certifications, and micro-trainings out there, how can an Installer accurately convey their capabilities—prior to the project? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an accurate assessment of what an Installer is capable of?

Installers, wouldn’t it be great to be able to carry over your product trainings and certifications in one area to ALL areas of your business—and, be able to demonstrate those skills effectively? Previously, specialty product trainings only made sense to obtain if you were installing that particular product. Not anymore! We give credit where credit is due. Trained installers are better than ones that don’t have training, period. Build your Hammer Rating over time with certifications and trainings of all kinds. Set yourself apart from the hacks out there, hone your craft, get paid what you’re worth, and be the best.

Please note: our proprietary Hammer Rating is not like some anonymous review you’ll find on other platforms—either mildly fabricated or just plain false—and probably written by someone you’ve never even done business with. A Hammer Rating is the truest depiction of what you, the flooring installer, can do. We analyze and compile a host of information about your experience, trainings, and certifications to award a value from zero to five; a solid number that paints a clear picture for a Flooring Contractor and gives you a baseline in order to start/continue your journey of training and development—in one of the most dynamic and challenging trades on the planet.

Work Order Management

Expert Matching System

State-of-the-art Work Order Management System that matches your Work Order with the right Installer for the job—from anywhere! Based in Seattle and working in Oregon? Fire off a Work Order to our Entire Network and Go Carrera will locate a Flooring Installer that’s local to your project that can do the work. Installers can easily Accept, Decline, or Negotiate the Work Order right inside the platform. Companies can review available Installer(s) bio, negotiated items, Work Order history, Hammer Rating, and Kudos Count prior to awarding make sure you get the best candidate. 

Filter by Hammer Rating

In fact, as a Flooring Contractor, you can filter your Work Order distribution by Hammer Rating to ensure you’re getting the right installer for the job. For example, perhaps your project is installing walk-off tile in a retail vestibule that’s as straightforward as it gets. Perhaps you don’t need to filter by Hammer Rating. However, let’s consider you have 10,000 feet of large-format tile with an uneven substrate in need of accurate self-leveling—perhaps, you need a 3-Hammer Installer for the job. You can make that call on our 0-to-5 Hammer Rating scale and help ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Single Source of Truth

From drawings to installation details, your Go Carrera Work Order becomes the central place for all things related to the project.  Storage of drawings, site contact(s), material references, you name it…no more hunting for “that one piece of paper” that has all your notes about how the project should be installed. Plus, get notified when your Flooring Contractor makes updates so you’re always in-the-know. 

Shared Work Calendar

Everyone can stay up-to-date with schedule changes and the latest news on the project with our Shared Work Calendar. Month, week, list views are available.

As a Company Administrator, filter the calendar to see work being handled any/all of your Project Managers to get a birds-eye view of all the work in your company. No more Excel worksheets!

Note: Our Resource Availability View is on the roadmap. Let us know if this is an important feature for you!

Change Orders

No good project is ever completely set in stone, is it? Work is fluid and the systems you use to get work done should be the same way. So, you’re in the middle of a job and need to add to the original specification? No worries! Installers can simply Add an Item to the Work Order. Once they submit, the Company can review and approve, it’s that simple.This stuff literally happens all the time on the job site, right?

Look, we don’t want to replace face-to-face interaction…very much the opposite. Our goal is to help eliminate tedious back-and-forth and provide tools to make work easier for everyone. Time is our most precious assets—let our digital workplace tools help you get more time back in your schedule.

Invoices and Payments

Painless Payments to Installers

Outside of the management of the work itself, getting your guys and gals paid is of prime importance. With a click or two, right from the Work Order or through our Invoices module, verify the work and pay via ACH.

Progress Invoicing

As a top-notch Installer, cash flow makes the world go ’round. And, depending on the size of the project, who wants to wait until the project is complete to bill? It just doesn’t happen! We’ve built-in Progress Invoicing to allow you to bill percent complete across each item on the Work Order. Submit as you go or on whatever schedule you’ve agreed to with your Flooring Contractor. Just know that you can now spend more time doing great work and less time on the mechanics of the business. That’s a win for everyone!

Lien Releases

We know the drill here. Legalities aren’t fun but they come with the territory in this business. So, with each and every payment, we capture an Unconditional Lien Release to help protect everyone involved, from the General Contractor right down to the skilled installer. Flooring Contractors can access installer-signed Lien Release documents at any time right inside the Work Order post-payment. Use one of our state-specific lien release templates out-of-the-box or, if you prefer, use your own lien release that you and your attorney are more comfortable with. It’s up to you.


Look, we’re not looking to replace your existing accounting systems. We’ve designed our platform to simply make it very easy to pay your people—quickly. You can filter invoices by status and date to make it simple to match up Work Orders and Invoices into your other systems. Integrations with industry-popular Accounting/ERPs are on our roadmap—let us know if these are important to you.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Times are a-changing, that’s a fact. As a result, Flooring Contractors are asked to bear the increasing burden of compliance with federal regulations as it pertains to Employee versus Independent Contractors. While we’re not attorneys, and this is not legal advice, we can say that using Go Carrera can (naturally) help you stay compliant in a number of ways—painting a clear line between employees and independent contractors in your company.

California AB-5

Have you heard? Since late 2019, a handful of other states have already adopted some form of California’s AB-5 ABC Test for this Employee versus Independent Contractor debate. These mandates were mainly aimed at workers in the growing gig-economy (think Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc.) but have implications for the Flooring Contractor. Go Carrera naturally addresses some of these new compliance mandates by ensuring the levels of control are balanced and that the Flooring Installers you’re working with are really Independent Contractors and not Employees.


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