78. 2023 Recap & 2024 Projections

This week the guys hit memory lane over the past year to reflect on past episodes, changes in the industry, and more, all while also making predictions on what changes […]

77. Making the Industry One

This week the guys are all together in Michigan to discuss bringing the entire industry together, from installers of all disciplines, to companies, distributors, affiliations, training entities and more. Paul […]

76. Planning for Successful Installations

This week the guys are going to talk about how companies and installers can plan for successful installations, from the accepted bid through to completion. Paul Stuart is the owner […]

75. Handling Client Expectations

This week the guys talk about expectations from the clients perspective, and how an installer can handle and meet them. Paul Stuart is the owner of Stuart and Associates Commercial […]

74. A New Generation of Labor

This week Daniel & Jose discuss new labor coming into the industry, how current tradesworkers can support them, and the differences in past generations to now. Paul Stuart is the […]

73. Charging What You’re Worth

This week the guys discuss how to charge what you’re worth, how to measure your “worth”, and how to increase it to make more money. Paul Stuart is the owner […]

72. Addressing Installer Burnout

This week the guys address the physical and emotional burnout that an installer can experience, and different ways to prevent and handle it. Paul Stuart is the owner of Stuart […]

70. Something Spooky; Flooring Horror Stories

This week the guys get into the spooky spirit to discuss some seriously spooky stories of flooring failures. Paul Stuart is the owner of Stuart and Associates Commercial Flooring, and […]