9. How to Price Competitively while Maintaining Profitability

This week is a dive into how to price at a competitive level, without short selling yourself and still taking home a profit <iframe width=”100%” height=”500″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/kJyBV-506XE” title=”YouTube video player” […]

46. Turning Stress into Motivation

This week the guys have special guest Eduardo on the webinar to talk about stressors and how to use them to launch your business forward, even when they don’t seem […]

45. Go Carrera Pt.2 – Installers

This week the guys dove into what the installer side of Go Carrera looks like, what features they love, what things they’d like to see added to the app, etc. […]

44. Go Carrera Pt.1 – Companies

This week the guys take a deep dive into Go Carrera, starting with companies. They discuss features built just for the companies, how Go Carrera makes life easier for the […]

43. Certified Payroll

This week the guys round our their series on estimating and bidding by talking about certified payroll and how to avoid any hiccups when bidding certified payroll projects.   Paul […]

42. Bidding 101

This week the guys give the ins and outs of bidding, best practices, and mistakes to avoid.This week the guys give the ins and outs of bidding, best practices, and […]

41. Training Entities, Live from FCICA

With Daniel back home in Michigan, while Paul and Jose are in Arizona at the FCICA Annual Convention, we get to get a front row view of some panels, as […]

40. Mindset of Success

This week on The Huddle the guys get a little more internal, digging deep on getting your mind right in order to be successful, and what role mindset plays in […]