goals & objectives

A shared vision for a better installer and a better industry.

At Go Carrera we believe what’s good for the installer is good for the industry. Based on this principle, we designed Go Carrera to be a win-win for the flooring industry. Our goal is to increase the professionalism of the flooring installer. By promoting, connecting, and rewarding the installer for their training, we help increase their earnings and their earning potential—helping create an attractive platform for recruiting new talent to the industry. By offering tools to get work done, together we can help bring the professional flooring installer into the digital age.


Support installer education and training.

We found that flooring installers that are trained are simply better installers. We want to reward that. It also gives them a chance to set themselves apart from the crowd.  



Raise earnings and earning potential

We believe that flooring installers should get paid what they’re worth. By promoting and connecting on real work based on their Hammer Rating ™ – better installers means better pay.


Bring new talent into the flooring industry.

Our Jumpstart program gives new flooring installers the opportunity to work with, and gain valuable field  experience from, the best installers in the Go Carrera Network. Coming mid-year 2021!


Raise the water-level of flooring installers.

Go Carrera has a full suite of easy to use digital tools so our network of installers can conduct their business in todays digital age.


Increase installer validity.

Dropping a kudos or a like on Go Carrera is easy. But earning them, is a different story. Our goal is to empower installers to do great work. The better work they do, the better they look. It’s that simple.