What do Profile Verification Levels refer to?

We are committed to creating and maintaining transparency when working with your subcontractors. We know this a time-consuming effort that at national scale, is daunting and takes valuable time away from running profitable projects.

As part of our onboarding process, each labor provider goes through a minimum level of verification; including work history and experience verification. Labor providers can additionally opt-in to higher levels of verification to improve the performance of their profile when it comes to being selected for a Work Order. 

Basic Verification

Designed to ensure the labor provider is, at a minimum capable of conducting business as an independent contractor:

  • Valid W9
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance
  • Bank account verification for receipt of funds.

Bronze-level Verification

Bronze-level Verification is a step up from the Basic Verification and adds:

  • Verification of each labor provider’s claims within each of the product discipline(s) they claim. We use both proprietary methods of discovery as well as generally-available information.
  • One-on-one phone or video conference interview where a member of our team verifies that the labor provider communicates with professionalism and can at least “talk the talk” when it comes to discipline-related topics that vary depending on each labor provider’s profile claims.
  • Optional: If the installer provides references, we will call those references to further verify the labor provider’s claims and associated meta data.

Silver-level Verification

Information coming soon!

Gold-level Verification

Information coming soon!

How does all this relate to the Hammer Rating?

A labor provider’s Hammer Rating is a standardized and un-opinionated way of understanding what an installer is capable of from the perspective of their skills and abilities. 

Profile Verification provides a system to check and balance the product disciplines claims on a labor provider’s profile. Additionally, higher level verifications offer more features and, in most cases, additional context that can be hard to discern but may provide additional value when selecting a labor provider for a particular Work Order.