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Getting your profile is the backbone for getting work on Go Carrera. And we want to make sure you have a great one. For a complete how to on getting your profile go here for a video and a step by step guide. If you have a more specific area you need help in, look at the table of contents on the left.

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Getting your profile

Step 1: Installer Sign Up

Open the app and tap the Start Installer Profile button.

Step 2: Add Your Information

Add your information in the spaces provided

Step 3: Create Profile

Tap on create profile once you are done filling out your information.Congratulations you created a Go Carrera account! But you’re not done yet!

I'm logged in, now what?

Step 1: Update Profile

Login to the app, you will be taken to your dashboard. Tap on the Update My Profile button.

Step 2: Add the Details

You will then fill out information such as, your insurance and tax information. Once you are done filling out the information needed tap on the next button.

Step 3: Save Profile

Add a brief bio and a profile picture for companies to see. Then tap on the Save Profile button.

Getting your Hammer Rating

Step 1: Add Discipline

Login to the app and tap on the Skills and Experience button. Then find the discipline you want to add, and tap on Add this Discipline.

Step 2: Upload Experience Documents

Tap on all the certifications you have received. Add your years of experience. Then upload documents that can verify your years of experience.

Step 3: Save Discipline

Tap on the Save this Discipline button at the bottom of the page. It may take a while for your Hammer Rating to be awarded.

How do I connect with a company?

How do I reset my password?