How to: Manage your team

Everything you need to know about managing your team

Table of Contents

Managing your team has never been easier than on Go Carrera. Take advantage of our Team managing tools to ensure you are getting the most out of Go Carrera.

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Add a team member

Step 1: Installer Team

Open the app and login. On your dashboard, tap the Invite Installer button.

Step 2: Add Team Member

Tap on Invite Installer in the right hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: Send Invite

Add the email address and name of the Installer, then tap on the Invite this Installer button, then tap on Send. This will send a link to the person to download the app and create a profile. 

Share a Work Order

Step 1: Decide How to Publish Work Order

Before publishing a Work Order you will be asked how you want to publish it. Tap on Employee Installers.

Step 2: Add Installers

Tap on the Installers you want to add to this Work Order.

Step 3: Publish

Tap on the Publish Work Button.